Generation Covid

Not just a brand

Generation Covid is an elegant and contemporary brand for a generation that had to overcome a period of mandatory physical distance from their cherished ones. Generation Covid aims to be a fashion brand whose customers can take out for dinners and parties and confidently show that we were capable of overcoming the pandemic as a group.

Generation Covid

World Cup 2022 Collection

Our journey begins by uniting the Netherlands. Generation Covid is launching its own World Cup 2022 Edition in honour of the global showpiece in Qatar. To represent the aspirations of the Dutch people and ensure a sense of cohesion, this one-of-a-kind collection was created. This design has a unique look that ensures the shirts and hoodies can be worn not only during the matches, but also at work, to a restaurant, and on numerous other occasions and events. Join the unity and make sure you are all set to celebrate this spectacle together.




Our mission

Generation Covid’s mission, by constantly anticipating contemporary events and changes, is to ensure an innovative, accessible and desirable collection of clothing and other diversified fashion items. By taking the state of mind of the human being as its central focus, Generation Covid responds to the desires of its customer.